About Us

About Us

NLM Realty Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

We sell and manage, Apply appropriate property strategies and provide the entire commercial and technical range of property management services.

We take professional photos of your Philippine real estate property FREE to pique the interest of potential buyers.

We make buying, selling, renting, and living in homes easier and more rewarding for everyone.

Vision Statement

We have been a REALTORS ® since 2008. Knowledgeable, professional, driven, hard-worker and very results oriented.

Today we go digital real estate through our websites, social media and online marketplaces, correctly present, promote and expose your real estate property to the highest possible number of potential clients around the world.

Values Statement

We strive to deliver a culture built on integrity, trust and respect, We don’t inflate or deflate owner’s rate.

We create a better customer experience and build stronger client relationships and by listening to clients needs and wishes, committing to communicate proactively, make sure that we are engaging with your emotional needs in finding your next property.

No matter if you are purchasing, renting or selling we will actively work until you sell or rent or unit. After the rent/sale, we are still here.

Who we are

Nanette L. Magcanta

Responsible for overall operation, digital marketing, managing client and business relationships, helping direct NLM Realty vision.

Nerissa L. Magcanta

Broker - PRC REBL 0017148
Responsible for overseeing transactions for sales and purchasing activities. Honest and transparent.

Flor Adapon

Real Estate Specialist

Perform various duties such as property inspections, move – in and move out process, rental collection payments, addressing tenant complaints and inspecting vacated units.

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